Video: How to Write a Business Proposal? 7 Minutes Step-by-Step Guide

Writing a business proposal is quite a necessity for business owners in modern times. A business proposal is essential to be formal, specifying the key aspects strategically to make the dealing process effective enough. Moreover, the business proposal should convey about well on the factors that make you the most distinguishing for the project. Given below is a step by step guide in this regard.

Step by step approach to writing a proposal

Step 1:

The first thing that should be done is to prepare the format of the document well, ensuring it is roadworthy. Make sure that the font size is convenient enough for a reader to go through.

Step 2:

While preparing the proposal, add a proper title page that should cover the proposal. This page should include name, organization’s name, targeted person to whom the proposal is being delivered, date of submitting the proposal.

Step 3:

Entering into the proposal, the first thing that should be explained is regarding the problems and the effective solutions available to address the same. In other words, the explanation should be made from a specific context to make the reader understand things well. It is important to make sure that the terms meant for the specific industry, or in other words, the industry jargons, are used to give it a professional appeal.

Step 4:

The next step to address in this regard is scheduling. There must be a proper timeline of the project to complete the task. However, it needs to be presented in a provisional way that can be corrected when required. The prime purpose of this section is to make the reader understand or get a clear picture of the approach of proposing to happen.

The initiation and ending dates for a project should remain constant, or should not change too much. It would be better to present the timeline in the form of estimation, which can be dependent upon other aspects. Specifically, the factors like government permission needs, documentation works, etc, those make the process delayed should be addressed as the potential causes behind the possible delays.    

Step 5:

Proposal writing can never be accomplished if it misses the crucial contract terms. The crucial contract terms should be very precisely and specifically presented to agree understood well. The aspects like the signing amount percentage, amount of penalties paid or the extent of interest amounts to be paid for delayed payment, etc. should be clearly explained. Moreover, it should mention the cancellation. Policies being mentioned in a clear and to-the-point fashion make things easier for a person to understand.

Step 6:

It is good to include the details regarding the experience your company carries about handling the projects of such. It proposes to look much more impressive for the reader.    

Step 7:

Though appendix is sometimes considered an additional section but is recommended to be included with a proposal. Here the things are provided those can’t be presented in the main section of the proposal. Key things to be mentioned here are the charts, resumes, testimonies, etc., to make the proposal impressive.