Video: How to Write a Business Plan

The road towards success in business starts with a nice business plan. It creates the first impression in the mind of the other party or client. Naturally, a good business plan can be claimed to be having a significant influence on business decisions. There are various occasions seen where even excellent business ideas get sidelined due to not so impressive business plan. However, writing a business plan can be made to look simplified upon keeping its structure perfect. Discussed below are the fundamental steps of writing a business plan.      

Executive summary

This is about providing a brief introduction to your business. The reader should be able to get the fundamental mode of functioning of your business through this.

Brief description of the company

In this section, you can elaborate, but keeping things very specific and to-the-point, about the things you do as part of your business. Language should be simple and professional.  

Analytical market report

Here one can present some crucial statistical details regarding the concerned industry your business is involved with. It should include market demand, as well as the level of competition.    

Complete management structure

This section is moreover to convey about how good you are at conducting and managing your business. A fundamental management structure can be presented at this step.

Services or products offered

It should present the complete list of the products or services you offer. If there is any project in pipeline or imminent to be launched, that should also be cited over here.

Report on marketing and sales

This is one of the most crucial segments. Here you are going to talk about your unique marketing strategy or sales strategy that can keep you ahead of the competitors. This should also include promotional strategies.

The request for funding

In this section, you should explain the amount of money you are seeking in coming three to five years. Along with the amount, complete detail regarding its mode of utilization should also be explained.

Accounting report

This is like a complete analytical report regarding the investments made and profit generated. One can also include details about future projections as well, regarding the profit related aspects over here.


Though this is considered an additional section, it can be impression fetching to have this section. It should include the details regarding your license, acknowledgments, permits, etc. It would be even better to include career profiles of your key members.