Top 5 best home business

Whether you’re unemployed, employed and looking to have a side business to earn more money or you need options for a new business to go into while working from home, being your own boss, allowing you choose and dictate the time when you want to work and have flexible hours, this article is for you.

1. Writing.

If you possess good writing skills, a strong command of the English language, a good option might be to devote time into becoming a writer and use your write ups and articles to earn money for yourself either by being a freelance writer or using platforms like Fiver to write for a fee. You could also open a blog to write about articles you’re passionate about, articles could be in the areas of sports, music, entertainment and lifestyle or Feminism or just blogging about your daily activities and life experiences. With more subscribers and traffic to your blog, you could earn money by commercializing your blog site by running adverts, giveaways and sponsored posts for individuals and companies or allowing articles from other writers for a fee.

2. Video Blogging

Video blogging, short form, vlog, is similar to blogging but here, the medium used is in video format, are becoming increasingly popular especially on social media platforms Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Users with huge followings on any of these platforms use these platforms to reach thousands of followers worldwide and are very attractive to companies and firms who pay the users to use them to market their brands and products to these followers through videos on their social media platforms. Another popular use of vlogs is on YouTube.

3. Catering services

We all love to eat and there’ll always be a demand for food. The catering service could either done in a small scale – to provide and cater for a few people, local organizations like banks, schools or law offices or large scale – from 10 to 100 or more people at parties, events or gatherings. Chefs or anyone with good cooking skills could start up a cooking business to cater to the needs of the working class, or anyone who needs a meal.

4. Sales based on commissions.

If you have a flair for conversing and convincing people, a freelance career in sales, based on commissions, might be the way to go. Startups and businesses are always looking for marketers or sales people to help sell their products and services. Connecting these brands to potential customers, getting the customers to patronize the brands and up-selling the clients they already have to other products for a reasonable commission from the comfort of your home is a no brainer.

5. Consultancy

If you are well versed and passionate in a field with years of experience to back it up, consultancy is another way to stay at home and earn some good money. Put your years of experience and expertise into an online course or consult with individuals and firms for a reasonable fee.