The most up-to-date online Chinese business directory is here

For online businesses, visibility is paramount. Taking account of this imperative business need, Chinese business dictionary Tsingtao makes gaining business space easier than ever through targeted commercial listings.

All you need is having your classified ads listed under categories aimed at focused business groups. Classifieds are tailored for targeting specific regional and local demographic which makes for reaching the most productive prospects.

Tsingtao offers a broad range of business categories and sub-categories dealing with services like automobile and vehicle maintenance to school, healthcare, insurance, real estate, restaurants, maintenance and home essentials and so on. For the greatest mileage, your classified ad must display in the best-matched, appropriate business directory category.

You can also go about building a buzz by getting communities and groups to talk about your business. A good community outreach can, besides spreading the word, make you better aware of popular consumer sentiment and requirements thereby promoting better rationalization.
Even though there is a broad range of business categories listed, your business will be easily found out what with Isingato’s lucid, proactive navigation driving users easily through to the relevant business directory category.

Other than that, Tsingtao is also a great place for job seekers to enhance their employment opportunities. The section listed ‘job/employment search’ is a favorite headhunting spot for local recruiters, businesses and prospective employers. Much the same way, it serves a big, populated marketplace for employers in getting to the best employable talent around.

You’d need a verified business email to register on Tsingtao. Quite unlike most yellow pages and online directories, every registered business on Tsingtao goes through validation follow-ups after which it’s put out as a business listing.

Tsingtao guarantees visibility and market space in crowding of Chinese business dictionary portals. It comes with the leverage of targeting Chinese business space on location, user profiling and other key market-driven metrics. As one of the only few new-age China business dictionaries with the most up-to-date database, Tsingtao definitely brings a lot of perspective to your online business.