Start up from home: A dry cleaning business

Home businesses are a great way to earn a legitimate income from the comfort of your home. As a matter of fact, there are several perks attached to working from home; comfortable, control of schedule, saving up more, and several others. One of the easiest business anyone can start up and run easily from home and with very little capital is a dry cleaning business. The business almost runs itself and with very little capital investment, you could start earning money and grow the business to a level you feel befits your dream for the business.

Dry cleaning is a staple. Everyone needs to wear clean clothes and with how busy our daily routine 9-5 work schedules get, no one wants to come back home after a long stressful day or a grueling week to start washing and ironing clothes either at night or weekends. So, there’ll always be a demand for dry cleaning services.

A washing machine, laundry carts, a generator set in case of power outage (if you live in an area with unstable power supply), an iron and ironing table(s), detergents, clothe hangers, a garment conveyor for clothes after they’ve been washed and dried, nylons for packing the garments to ensure they remain clean, access to clean water or a water storage tank and you have a basic dry cleaning service up and running and these are all very affordable.

Getting customers shouldn’t be too difficult also. Social media platforms provide access to thousands of people who require dry cleaning services. The owner could also start getting customers from his own primary circle also – friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors and church members will all be willing to patronize a familiar face and from there, the owner can branch out, get more customers and grow the business.

As the business grows, the owner could decide to branch out and delve into the home cleaning business. Despite technological advances, nothing beats a good old fashioned scrub and this is still very much in high demand.

One of the biggest benefits of being in the dry cleaning business is that it is a repeat job. The customer will always return with more business and may even refer you to other potential customers so long as you keep them satisfied with top draw dry cleaning services by taking good care of their clothes and garments added to excellent customer service.

Before embarking with this business, a very good and detailed business plan must be drawn up. The business plan should include details on how the business will be run and managed to ensure it is a success. A good dry cleaning business should include but not be limited to the following points:

– An executive summary of the company/business

– Objectives of the company/business

– Vision

– Operations plan, summary and structure.

– Market Analysis (very important).

– SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

After a successful period of starting small and building up, the business could grow or evolve even further into laundromats, staffed laundries or go into home pick up and delivering of dry cleaned garments. The possibilities are numerous.