Share Market Tips

Stock Market is a term where the location Buying and Selling of Stocks take place. The Economic growth of the Country maintains the Share Market Movements. The major Stock Exchanges in the world is “Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan, Bombay Stock Exchange in India, London Stock Exchange in the United Kingdom, Frankfurt Stock Exchange of Germany, SWX Stock Exchange of Switzerland, Shanghai Stock Exchange of China, AMEX Stock Exchange of United States and the New York Stock Exchange”

Stock is nothing but small share ownership of a particular company. The Stocks issued by the company in order to raise the capital of the company and also to make investor to buy the shares of that concern. Even the small share has the rights to say that it has the ownership of the company. It is order to raise the capital of the Company. Every stock is limited with the particular number of shares. Traders can Trade in 2 ways. They Can Buy and Sell shares through Intraday or Delivery. The Company Listed in Stock Exchanges is well known by the public. The companies approved by the New York Stock Exchange and/or National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotation System.

For example, if we take the shares of Microsoft Company, it was based on the Performance of the company. Investors must buy stocks with the belief of that Particular Company’s Individual Performance. Trading the stocks from a new stock is Very Risky more than stocks buying in well-known company, Microsoft shares gained a lot of Profit due to the exponential and intelligent performance of the company. It is not actually the ownership, but a kind of partial Ownership in a particular Concern.

Each and every movement in Stock Market is based on the Country Economic Status… whenever the bull Market occurs in Share Market it tells the state of economic of the country goes high, low unemployment level and low inflation rates… whenever the Bear Market occurs, we can find the Economic of the country is going down…
Stocks can be bought and sold by anybody who has money. People who have knowledge about stock trading are the ones who are most likely to be successful in the investment industry.

Most stock trading activities are done through an intermediary called a broker. Brokers, who take and execute orders from the investors, can also offer investment advices and analyses to their clients. Such brokers are called full-service brokers and they charge a relatively high commission. The types of brokers that do not offer investment advices to their clients are called discount brokers. Investors who wish to save more money usually hire discount brokers because they charge less commission.

Online trading and broker-assisted trading are two of the most commonly offered services by brokers. There are some brokers who use an Interactive Voice Response System for placing orders via telephones and a Wireless Trading System for making orders via web-enabled cellular phones or other handheld devices.

There are some brokers who use their own proprietary software for placing online orders while some give their website passwords for accessing order departments. Brokers allow their clients to track the stock market movements by offering a variety of charting options. The analysis software provided by brokers may be included in their services either for free or for an extra fee.