Business Article Marketing: Does It Work for Larger Companies?

For many years now article marketing has been the “go to” marketing tool for small business owners who want to market their websites. Increasingly though, I’ve noticed that interest is expanding to larger companies as well. I received this question recently from someone who works at a large corporation:

“Do you think that article marketing would work for a large company? I know it works well for small business owners and that it’s great for establishing the expertise of an author, but as a large company, we want to bring attention to the company and not any particular person in our organization. Also, I don’t know if our traditional website would be very marketable. A lot of people these days have blogs and sites with lots of informational content, but our website is a static one that just has info about your company. Many thanks for your input on this!”

I’m so glad that someone asked this! There is no reason why submitting articles wouldn’t work for a large company, and I know many SEO specialists who work with large companies and who use article marketing as part of an overall online marketing plan for the company.

I just want to be sure that you understand how article marketing works, and I think that will help you to understand why business article marketing is not restricted to just small businesses, but would actually work for any size of business.

Article marketing is great for establishing the expertise of an author, but that’s not the main benefit of a long shot. The main reason that people engage in creating free reprint articles is to get a higher search engine ranking for their website. This is how article marketing helps improve a web page’s ranking:

You submit articles on the general topic of your website. These would not be articles about your business or your website, but they would instead be articles that teach your readers things that they need to know about your general niche.

Along with every article you submit, you will also create what is called a resource box. A resource box is where you tell a little more about your company, provide a link to your website, and give a reason to click the link to your website. You could list an author name in the resource box if you wanted, but it’s not required. Many people who are marketing on behalf of a large company will just list the company name rather than a specific person.

In your resource box, you will have the opportunity to link words of your choosing to your website. The words that you would choose to link are called “keywords”. Keywords are words of special significance for your website, words that are accurate in classifying what your website is about and what people are typing into Google to reach websites such as yours.

Through that link in your resource box where the keywords are linked to your website, you are sending very powerful information to Google and the other search engines about what your website is about. This helps Google and the other search engines to classify your website and rank it appropriately. With consistent marketing, ideally the pages on your website will show up high in the rankings when someone does a search for one of your keywords.

You can discover the best keywords for your website by using a keyword research tool–there are many of these available online. When you do keyword research, you will come up with a variety of different phrases associated with the topic of your website, and you will alternate using those phrases in your resource boxes each time you submit an article.

So, that is how article marketing helps business owners–it can help your website to get a higher ranking, and the higher the ranking the more people will be referred to your website. The more targeted visitors who are referred to your website, the more potential sales and business for you.

Article marketing works for all types of websites, whether they’re the static traditional website or a blog. Even among small business owners, not everyone has a blog–many are marketing traditional websites.

I hope this helps explain how article marketing can work for people with businesses of all sizes. It’s true that small business owners were the first to catch on to the power of article marketing, but now larger corporations are jumping on board too. The purpose of article marketing is to help drive targeted traffic to a website, and that’s something that’s desirable whether you’re a solo business owner or have a huge organization.